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Hochseilgarten AktivZentrum Bregenzerwald © Johannes Fink - AktivZentrum Bregenzerwald (2)

Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald

The Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald in Schnepfau under the direction of outdoor expert Lutz Schmelzinger organises a variety of adventures and activities in the great outdoors.

Lutz Schmelzinger and his team offer a variety of tours including caving in the Schneckenlochhöhle, one of the few accessible caves in Vorarlberg. The starting point of this tour is the car park in the middle pasture settlement of Schönenbach.The tour is guided by a certified caving guide using head torches. While it’s bright outside, participants enter a dark, quiet world in which they’ll witness the majesty of the cave by torch light.

The Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald also offers rafting, kayaking, and fun-kayaking tours in the Bregenzerache river as well as climbing at a high-ropes course.Archery is also offered at the 3D archery course.For groups, the team also offers trainings and incentives designed to promote team spirit!A variety of team-building events can be organised including raft building, constructing an outdoor restaurant, GPS scavenger hunts and adventure hikes.

Aktivzentrum Bregenzerwald activities:

  • Cave tours in the Schneckenlochhöhle cave
  • Rafting, canoeing and kayaking tours on the Bregenzerache stream
  • Climbing at the aqua high-ropes course in Schwarzenberg
  • Team-building trainings and incentives – raft building, constructing an outdoor restaurant, adventure hikes, GPS scavenger hunt
  • Archery at a 3D archery course

Aktiv Zentrum Bregenzerwald

Lutz Schmelzinger

Aktiv Zentrum Bregenzerwald, Schnepfau, Österreich

+43 676 783 787 8

Where the wild herbs grow...

Where the wild herbs grow...

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