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Vorarlberg Museum

The Vorarlberg Museum

The vorarlberg museum features exhibitions that deal with the past and present of the Vorarlberg region in an entertaining manner. Guided tours, lectures, concerts and a range of other events are also offered.

In 2011, the vorarlberg museum reopened with a new face after substantial renovations. The Vorarlberg architectural firm of Cukrowicz Nachbaur, who received numerous international prizes for building’s design, planed the centrally located building, parts of which are historically protected. For instance, the building received the Austrian Museum Prize in 2016 for its exhibition concept.

Visitors can admire the building’s outstanding exterior facade with 16,656 concrete blossoms, which are actually impressions made with disposable PET bottles. The windows of the building are also noteworthy, especially those found in the “Blickraum” designed by Austrian Artist Florian Pumhösl. From a dark room in the fourth floor, museum guests peer through a giant panoramic window at the constantly changing scenery of Lake Constance.

The museum features exhibitions dealing with the past and present of Vorarlberg and the Lake Constance area. Permanent and special exhibitions are featured. The museum also houses a café and a small shop.


  • Guided tours focussing on different topics are constantly being offered.
  • Guided tours for families take place once a month on Sundays. Every second Saturday (except during school holidays), there is also a creative workshop that is specially designed for children. Holiday workshops also take place.
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Vorarlberg Museum

vorarlberg museum, Kornmarktplatz, Bregenz, Österreich

+43 (0) 5574 46050

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