Backcountry skiing

Due to their central location the villages of Au-Schoppernau are ideal bases for backcountry skiing in the Bregenzerwald. The routes around Au-Schoppernau tend to feature steep uphill sections through woodland, mainly along alpine trails. Ideal backcountry skiing terrain with an alpine character awaits you above the tree line. Many of the locations here face north.

The Au-Schoppernau snow sports school would be delighted to guide you safely on the most beautiful backcountry mountains in the Bregenzerwald. schneesportschule(at)

Please note the following if you want to strike out on your own.

In the mountains you always have to reckon with a rapid change in the weather which is difficult or impossible to predict at the start of a tour. In addition to wearing suitable quality clothing from underwear to an anorak please remember to take back-up or additional clothing with you. If you intend to go backcountry skiing your rucksack should also contain a bivouac sack, aluminium foil survival blanket, a small medical kit, a headlamp, compass, an altimeter, a touring map, a filled drinking bottle (or two, even), toilet paper, sun protection cream, an avalanche probe, avalanche spade, possibly two Reep ropes and carabineers. Keep an avalanche transceiver and mobile phone close to hand.

Nature is a gift which the people of the Bregenzerwald know how to appreciate and look after. It is home to plants and animals and a place of recreation for people. We urge our guests to respect the wonderful countryside and wildlife. This is as important in summer as it is in winter. For this reason please keep to established routes, trails and pistes. Respect your limits!

Map and backcountry skiing guide: We recommend “Skitourenführer Bregenzerwald” by Anton and Rainer Kempf, Panico Alpinverlag, Köngen 2006. Topographic map ÖK25V 1224-Ost Bezau and ÖK25V 2219-West Lech.

Backcountry skiing

Kanisfluh 2.044 m WALKING TIME: 3 1/2 H ALTITUDE: 1250 M
Kanisfluh Aufstieg

This proud, broadback mountain of hard helveticum limestone is the emblem of the Bregenzerwald. The highest peak on the ridge is called “Holenke” and is 2,044 m high. The Alemannic word “Fluh”, meaning a rock face, points to the extremely jagged rock that plunges down to the north. In contrast, the southern side is all the gentler and offers ideal terrain for a wonderful backcountry skiing tour.
Altitude difference: 1,250 m
Level of difficulty: intermediate tour

Starting point: at the end of Au village in the direction of Damüls, across the Argenbach bridge.

Ascent: about 100 m after the Argenbach bridge turn right and ascend up and across the gentle slopes of the Auer Ried until you come to the increasingly dense wood. Keep right at this point and continue along the trail which merges into the forest trail. Continue along this pleasantly comfortable route until you arrive at the Edelweiss alpine inn. From the hut turn right and follow the summer trail, then right again across the little stream. Continue to head north, following a steep ridge up to the saddle. Then proceed along a second, broad ridge up to the summit.

Descent: ascent in reverse

Lug 1.667 m WALKING TIME: CA. 2 1/2 H ALTITUDE: 950 M
Lug Aufstieg

A simple, rewarding ski tour, ideal for beginners!

Altitude difference: 950 m
Starting point: Au local authority building
Ascent: Start off next to the tow lift at the mountain terminal then 40 m left to the freight trail. Follow this through the wood until you get to the pastures at the Godlachen Alpe (1,232 m above sea level). Then continue on a gentle left curve across increasingly steeper slopes until you come to a plateau above the Brendler Alpe. Follow the signage: “Respektiere deine Grenzen” (Respect your limits) along a ridge and keep heading southwest between solitary fir trees before proceeding slightly uphill to the summit.

a) ascent in reverse
b) descent via Argenvorsaess to Au

Falzerkopf 1.968 m WALKING TIME: CA. 3 H ALTITUDE: 1100 M
Falzerkopf Aufstieg

The Falzerkopf charms visitors with its beautiful south-facing slopes.
Altitude difference: 1,100 m

Starting point: Neuhornbachhaus freight cableway at the end of Schoppernau village.

Ascent: Take the steamrollered road (watch out for tobogganists) up to the Neuhornbachhaus (1,700 m). Head north across the approx. 300 m high slopes to the Falzerkopf.

Descent: ascent in reverse

Variation: ascend by cable car to the Diedamskopf mountain terminal, ski down to the midway station and on to the Breitenalpbahn. Take a ride up on the chairlift. Get out on the left side and traverse the western slope. Wrap up warm, for what now comes is a short uphill section. From the saddle keep to the left and proceed along the ridge up to the Falzerkopf.

Descent: Head across the beautiful south-facing slopes to the Neuhornbachhaus and from there take the trail back to Schoppernau or back to the Diedamskopf skiing area

Toblermanskopf 2.010 m WALKING TIME: CA. 3 H ALTITUDE: 1100 M

The Toblermanskopf is a highly popular backcountry skiing destination due to its frequently very good snow conditions.
Altitude difference: 1,100 m
Level of difficulty: easy to intermediate tour

Starting point: about 2 km after Schoppernau in the direction of Schröcken there is a small power station with limited parking space about 300 m after the tunnel.

Ascent: Set out on the forest trail behind the power plant and continue through the wood until you get to the first open slopes, then bear to the right to go up the hill. Amidst wonderful terrain you continue a bit further to the right past the Gräsalpe (1,281 m) to enter a somewhat flatter area. Proceed straight on west to the next rise. Climb up and across these slopes, keeping west as you go (you’ll see a ridge which plunges down to Schoppernau). Continue along much flatter terrain below the Hochalpe and then follow an uphill curve to the left to get to the broad ridge. Follow this to reach the secondary summit (1,911 m) and proceed along an increasingly spiny ridge to the principal summit.

Descent: ascent in reverse

Üntschenspitze 2.135 m WALKING TIME: CA. 3 H ALTITUDE: 1150 M

The Üntschenspitze in its shape comparable to a pyramid and offers a fantastic view: The Bregenzerwald peaks at eye level, the sparkling bath of Bregenzerach and the village idyll of Au-Schoppernau at your feet.

Difficulty: intermediate
Starting point: Gasthof Bad Hopfreben, Schoppernau

Ascent: From the car park over the road and the adjoining meadow to the clearly visible forest section of the summer path. On this past glades on Üntschenberg Vorsäß over to the tree line and to the front Üntschenalpe (1.759m). First a little left on a beautiful southern slope to Häfnerjoch (1979m). Continue on the partly overgrown ridge to the summit.
Departure: a) Like ascension
b) About the Pisi-Alp. From the summit back to Häfnerjoch and over beautiful east and north slopes to about 1550 m. Then cross the "Häfnerbach" and keep left at the foot of the Üntschenspitze for about 400 m down the valley to the old Pisi alpine hut. Go down to the Schreckbach and ascend 50 meters to the Pisialpweg and take the road to Schoppernau.