Cross country skiing

The cross country run network in Au consists of a total of 31 km and in Schoppernau 31 km, whereby as they are connected together as a ski touring center, this doubles the multiple cross country ski tracks to a total length of approx. 63 km.


Cross-country village trail

As suggested by its name, the village trail takes skiers across the two villages of Au and Schoppernau, with access and connections to other trails. It passes the south facing slopes of Au and Schoppernau, with at least one church spire - Au, Rehmen or Schoppernau - always on the horizon.

From Au-Argenzipfel, the village trail runs above Argenau and Wieden across Äuele to Schoppernau, continuing to the Gräsalp heights and across woodlands to the romantic, high-lying Armengemach alp. From there it takes a loop via the narrow Bregenzerach path through “paradise“, and then across open terrain along the centre of Schoppernau back to Äuele-Wald and Au-Neudorf. Via Kreuzgasse you reach the dam of the Bregenzerache brook and the underpass at the church bridge. Having passed the cattle pasture Reute and Argenzipfel or via Argenbachsteg you will reach the Kanisfluh cross-country trail.