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Safety tips for off-piste skiing

Safety tips for off-piste skiing

Safety tips for off-piste skiing

The routes around Au-Schoppernau tend to feature steep uphill sections through woodland, mainly along alpine trails. Ideal backcountry skiing terrain with an alpine character awaits you above the tree line. Many of the locations here face north.

Please note the following if you want to strike out on your own.

In the mountains you always have to reckon with a rapid change in the weather which is difficult or impossible to predict at the start of a tour. In addition to wearing suitable quality clothing from underwear to an anorak please remember to take back-up or additional clothing with you. If you intend to go backcountry skiing your rucksack should also contain a bivouac sack, aluminium foil survival blanket, a small medical kit, a headlamp, compass, an altimeter, a touring map, a filled drinking bottle (or two, even), toilet paper, sun protection cream, an avalanche probe, avalanche spade, possibly two Reep ropes and carabineers. Keep an avalanche transceiver and mobile phone close to hand.

Nature is a gift which the people of the Bregenzerwald know how to appreciate and look after. It is home to plants and animals and a place of recreation for people. We urge our guests to respect the wonderful countryside and wildlife. This is as important in summer as it is in winter. For this reason please keep to established routes, trails and pistes. Respect your limits!

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Maps and guides: We recommend the Bregenzerwald ski tour guide by Anton and Rainer Kempf, Panico Alpinverlag, 4th edition 2016 ISBN 978-3-95611-046-7 Topographic map ÖK25V 1224-Ost Bezau and ÖK2219-West Lech