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440 Jahre Alpgeschichte

440 Jahre Alpgeschichte

Nature-Experience Holdamoos

The Nature-Experience at Holdamoos, which links Au and Schoppernau, lies in the midst of a charming culture and natural landscape. At the core of Holdamoos is a 440-year-old alpine hut, which was saved from beeing sold and demolished. There is an impressive herb garden with its wonderful colours, aromas and hidden powers. The herbs are still used today for their health benefits for both humans and animals. Around the hut and the lake there are well-maintained walkways, an adventurous hanging bridge over the ravine, a Kneipp therapy facility and an informative nature and farming walkway.

Opening times in summer:
June to October – Fridays 14:00 to 16:00
Opening times in winter:
January to March – Fridays 14:00 to 16:00.

How to reach the Holdamoos nature park?
The Holdamoos nature park can be reached conveniently on foot starting from Au-Rehmen or the Diedamskopfbahn car park in Schoppernau within 15 minutes on walking trails that are suitable for families with prams.

We will readily arrange for guided tours and group visits.
Call +43(0)5515 2288 (Au tourist office)