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Umgang Bregenzerwald im Winter © Alex Kaiser / Bregenzerwald Tourismus

Umgang Bregenzerwald

Umgang Bregenzerwald

The way people in the Bregenzerwald deal with their environment is the subject of specially marked paths through the villages of the region. Take these paths and, by observing selected objects, experience how people here have shaped their lives, and continue to shape them.

The way we treat each other and the world (German: “Umgang”) needs constant updating. This is the aim of our “Umgang Bregenzerwald”. It is intended to train awareness and an understanding of the world. From 1050, people settled here and gradually took ownership of the valley and mountains. What we admire here as the natural environment is the result of centuries of farming in the valley, on the mountain pastures (the “Vorsäß”; middle level of alpine farming) and the high mountain pasture. The “Umgang Bregenzerwald” draws our attention to the buildings, tools and everyday objects that have developed here over the course of time. And now, the valley is changing from a merely rural region into a sort of new suburb of the “Rhine City”, which reaches from Bludenz to Bregenz.

This offers us a glimpse of the towns of the future: resilient, durable settlements that count both agricultural production and recovery as well as leisure pursuits and tourism amongst their functions. Sustainable building is already well established in the Bregenzerwald today, and the raw materials for the timber houses are obtained locally. This also applies increasingly for catering establishments and craft workshops. Anyone who follows all 12 trails of the “Umgang Bregenzerwald” will realise sometime that these are not village walks; instead, they are a practical training in future urban life. Town planners will find inspiration for the cities of tomorrow here. Perhaps they may also come up with ideas as to how suburbs such as the Bregenzerwald can be provided with transport links to the other parts of the “Rhine City” that are more sustainable. Walking would be best. But as the “Umgang Bregenzerwald” shows, this is a very time-consuming, albeit very beautiful form of transport. Without noise. It also protects the environment which, in the town of the future, will be within its own boundaries, not out in the country.

Umgang Bregenzerwald

This is what the “Umgang Bregenzerwald” has in store for you: easy walks of different lengths between 1.5 and 4 hours. They lead through the villages of Au, Schoppernau, Mellau, Bizau, Bezau-Reuthe, Andelsbuch, Schwarzenberg, Egg, Lingenau, Langenegg, Hittisau and Krumbach. On the way, you will come across waisthigh columns. 

More details about the objects and the further Umgang route can be accessed via the QR codes, which can be found on the columns. This information is also described in an accompanying folder. The information media are available from any one of the tourist information offices and from Bregenzerwald Tourismus.

Guided tours of village culture and architecture
What sets the design of living spaces apart? The guided tours explore the facets of village development, architecture and regional skills and craftsmanship in greater detail.

Guided tours of village culture and architecture

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“Umgang Bregenzerwald” in the Winter

It is also possible to take these walks in the winter (cleared paths, winter hiking paths): Schoppernau, Mellau, Bizau, Andelsbuch, Hittisau, Krumbach These walks are only partially accessible in the winter.

Please contact the tourist information office or your host for information about variants which are possible in the winter: Au, Bezau-Reuthe, Schwarzenberg, Egg, Lingenau, Langenegg.