Horse drawn sleight rides

Snug and warm in the back of the sleigh you’ll find that these daytime and evening rides offer an ideal opportunity to discover the village and its inhabitants while the driver adds to your experience with excellent insights and expert commentary.

The large number of snow cleared hiking trails ensures you can enjoy a romantic “back to nature” ride away from road traffic.

To register in Au:
The Erath family, call +43(0)5515 2298
Franz Josef Dünser, call +43(0)5515 2295
Jakob Rusch, call +43(0)5515 2532
Peter Erath, call +43 (0)664 5140834

To register in Schoppernau:
Jakob Lingg, call +43(0)5515 2928 or +43(0)664 2315586
€48 for up to 4 people, €8 for each further person

Pferdeschlittenfahrt öw holdamoos
Pferdeschlitten Erath Peter