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“Der Jogi” meat delicatessen

“Der Jogi” meat delicatessen

“Der Jogi” meat delicatessen

He loves meat. Beef, actually... because it's so pure and therefore so versatile.

For him, meat is to be savoured. As a main course. As tradition.
When it comes to great-tasting beef, which factors make the difference?
Ideally, certificates guaranteeing the origin, organic status or quality are a must!
But such labels actually say little about the taste.
According to his experience, the only way to predict quality taste is to know the animal and its unique history. Therefore it is crucial for him to know every single story… better yet to be a part of each story himself!

Then, and only then, can meat specialist DER JOGI create exclusive meat delicacies from the Bregenzerwald.  Each product is dry-aged with conviction.

Breakfast in the mountains

Breakfast in the mountains

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