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Meat sellers cooperative, Nagelfluhkette natural park

Meat sellers cooperative, Nagelfluhkette natural park

Meat sellers cooperative, Nagelfluhkette natural park

The meat sellers cooperative in the Nagelfluhkette natural park is a group of people who recognise the importance of cooperation for the future of the region’s agriculture.

  • The small-scale cultural landscape of the Nagelfluhkette nature park is the result of centuries of extensive cultivation by small farms. This is to all those who value the retention of this way of life.
  • The aim is to ensure fair remuneration for the farmers, whose cultivation methods preserve the species-rich meadows and pastures of the nature park, the Alpine pastures in particular.
  • This initiative is targeted at conscious meat consumers committed to ensuring alternatives to industrial meat production. As a result, meat producers will once again be held in higher esteem.
  • Transparent quality criteria, short delivery distances, and animal welfare at slaughter are key factors of the philosophy and ensure a positive feeling when making a purchase.

Butcher’s shop and bistro in Hittisau

Delicacies from animals born, fed and slaughtered in the nature park are available from our on-site butcher’s shop with bistro at the village square in Hittisau. Shop, taste, linger, and enjoy while profiting from excellent expert advice. Every Tuesday to Saturday, we offer locals and guests the opportunity to buy meat for the region from the region.

Animals that have time to grow up.

Born in the nature park and reared on whole milk and roughage, our calves grow up with sufficient space and care from farmers until they are deemed ready for slaughter. The cows, cattle and heifers spend at least 120 days on pastures in the valley or in the Alps and thus maintain and preserve the cultural landscape of the Nagelfluhkette nature park.

From living beings to food

After a maximum journey time of 30 minutes, the animals are professionally slaughtered by master butcher and cooperative member Rainer Moosmann. After the animals are slaughtered with as little stress as possible, the resulting meat is given 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the variety, to develop its full flavour and tenderness. The meat pieces are layered in boxes, sealed airtight, and stored under pressure at 0-2° C.

Quality meat for the region from the region

Various sausage and smoked-meat products are offered in addition to fresh veal, beef and pork meat. Meat products are also available for direct consumption in the bistro. 5 kg and 10 kg meat packages can be ordered for home storage. Gift gourmet products from the region! Personalised gift boxes can be assembled.

Nose to tail – A butcher like no other

Nose to tail – Boiling allows one to make optimal use of the entire animal. Just pop the lid and enjoy at home! On the shelves you will find, e.g., ready-to-consume items such as goulash, offal ragout, Bolognese sauce or crusted roast. Jars carry a deposit, which is gladly remunerated upon return.

A source of true inspiration

A source of true inspiration

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