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Architecture that’s an international sensation

Architecture that’s an international sensation

This is how our author describes the very special bus stops in Krumbach whilst on an “Umgang” tour with his wife to discover still more of the area’s many attractions.

“There, in front of the parsonage,” indicates my wife, pointing to two patina-covered poles. She is indicating the start of the “Umgang” tour. But why is it called “Umgang” I ask? I look for answers in the attractive little brochure I’m holding (one has been created for each of the 12 Bregenzerwald “Umgang” municipalities). I quickly find the answer I am looking for: The ‘Umgang,’ or way of handling things, refers to how the people of each valley decide to shape their environment. This is why the poles signify special buildings in each village. Together we kneel over the small glass opening on the upper end of the pole and press the button located on the side. To our delight, a graphical representation of the street lights up to highlight the “Gasthaus Adler” inn. The display includes a description of the culinary offerings and also directions to the “Schulhus,” an additional special restaurant in the village.

Krumbach’s landscape is special, enabling various types of vegetation to grow. The variety of plants that flourish here forms the diet that is fed to local cows. Because restaurant owners in Krumbach are smart, there are four different inns that have decided to collaborate in offering highest-quality cuisine that relies on products from the surrounding environment. In addition to the establishments already mentioned, these special “Moorwirte” run by Moorland innkeepers, also include the “Rossbad” and the “Krumbacher Stuba.” This is just one indication that the people of Krumbach and of Bregenzerwald are proud of their traditions and want to ensure that people don’t lose their connection to this quality. No need to worry, the people of Krumbach take good care of their village. The contemporary architecture in this picturesque village is especially impressive and the “Umgang” will guide you to all the highlights. The central bus stop at the village centre is especially magnificent. This too is the fruit of the aforementioned architects. Thanks to this special bus stop, the village has received a certain distinctive character that leaves a lasting impression. The new “House of Generations” and the residential complex are also cut from the same cloth.

The poles describe the buildings for visitors. Now we need only find the 6th building of the ‘Umgang,’ an erstwhile farmhouse.It’s true: The ‘Umgang’ is a splendid way to get to know this and the other special villages highlighted. Visitors discover the history, story, and background of the municipality on a tour that leads to various inns where more than just a pretty building await.

No visit to Krumbach would be complete without a visit to the seven bus stops designed for local public transport by renowned architects from around the world who were invited to submit designs. As extraordinary as this idea was, the results are even more impressive! These small architectural gems are worth an ‘Umgang’ of their very own.

Author: Walter Fink