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Food is love

Food is love

Food is love

Once a thoroughly rural region, the Bregenzerwald today offers an astounding array of inns and hotels of unexpectedly highest quality. In every issue of our travel magazine, we endeavour to highlight at least ten of them. The selection on these pages represents only a fraction of what this diverse region has to offer im terms of hotels, inns and first-class restaurants. We therefore recommend you try each and every one for yourself! Along the way, you’ll discover why we write so lovingly about them!

Keen to fall head over heals this summer? Here in the Bregenzerwald, a connoisseur falls in love with our gourmet scene every 11 minutes. And who can blame them? With myriad restaurants and cafés of the highest standard in addition to passionate hosts keen to dish up mouth-watering delights, discover for yourself why it’s love at first bite here in Bregenzerwald. Fortunately for food lovers, when it comes to an affair with the region’s food we’re the perfect matchmakers (you can thank us later). But when all is said and done, all we need to hear is: “It all started with the travel magazine.” Bon appetite!

The Alte Mühle in Schwarzenberg

Two souls found one another in this extraordinary restaurant. After the death of her mother Heide, who for years had delighted guests from near and far with down-home cuisine, Marietta Wild took over the reins in the kitchen. After all, the high art of serving delicious classics made from top regional products was her birthright. And yet one question remained: If her place was the kitchen, who should run the restaurant? Jakob Handler proved to be a more than worthy candidate. Originally from Egg, Handler was keen to take on a new challenge after gaining experience in top restaurants and in the wine trade. For him, returning to the Bregenzerwald was a pleasure. The pair complement each other and it shows.

The Gasthof Taube Inn, Bizau

Sisters Margit and Monika Dietrich-Moosbrugger are two peas in a pod. Their pod just happens to be a top-shelf restaurant where they practice the fine art of Bregenzerwald hospitality along with their dedicated team. From sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese to meat, think regional producers and homemade products. The pleasing menu regularly features contemporary and classic dishes including dumplings, spaetzle, pasta, salads, roulades and roasts. The heads of envious day trippers to Bizau will turn as you enjoy food in the establishment’s lavish garden.

The Alpe Unterdiedams Mountain Hut, Schoppernau

Do you love fresh air? Are you fond of animals? Do you respect nature and appreciate traditional craftsmanship? Then you’re exactly the type for the Unterdiedams Alpine hut! For pure romance, this place has it all: location, jaw-dropping views and passionate hosts. Every year the Schweizer family from Schwarzenberg herds over forty cows, more than twenty pigs and even their cat (Lucy) to this magnificent Alpine pasture, which is just 25 minutes from the middle station of the Diedamskopf cable car. Cheese, butter and other tempting products are lovingly crafted over the course of about 115 days. Hikers and visitors especially appreciate the Älpler gourmet breakfast, which is gladly served on advance booking (T +43 (0)5512 26158)

Hotel Gasthof Krone, Hittisau

Wherever love may lead, part 1: Those who have tasted chef Michael Garcia-Lopez’s cuisine know that love is most certainly a key ingredient. Talent, skill, and training are all well and good, but you can also feel and taste that certain je ne sais quoi in all he makes. His partner Angelika is also part of the fantastic service team under the direction of host Dietmar and restaurant manager Beate. A sense of harmony permeates the noble parlours of this tradition-rich establishment. As a guest here, you’ll have the privilege of witnessing (and tasting) first hand the fruits of a positive relationship. Speaking of good taste, don’t miss sampling Sibratsgfäll trout (regardless of how its prepared). All soups and appetizers are tempting in equal measure.

The Falling Cow, Bezau

Wherever love may lead, part 2: Slow food as fast food? Or is it the other way around? It doesn’t matter, when the lovingly prepared burgers, muffins or salads taste this delicious! Who would have thought that an American and a Styrian could combine to make Vorarlberg’s best hamburgers? Well, that’s the power of love. After years spent in “classic” gastronomy, the amorous food adventures of Stefan Jazbec and Cindy Willam began with a food truck, which they still use to head from event to event as they tour the Bregenzerwald. The good taste of their homemade slow food should come as no surprise as all ingredients (from gourmet sources such as “Der Jogi” as well as the Biohof Dorner and Gemüse Natter) are carefully selected by hand.

Biberacher Hütte Mountain Hut, Au

Wherever love may lead, part 3: “Let love lift us up where we belong…” In this case, an extra special mountain hut at over 1,800 m. Here, at this absolutely lovely location, partners Raphaela Eberhart and Sandro Schöpf welcome (hiking) guests from June to September. Just in case the plants, animals, upland moors and mountain peaks are not reasons enough to explore the scenic Lechquellengebirge range, the menu at this panoramic mountain hut is more than convincing and features delicacies from the recently renovated kitchen. Fortunately for guests, “Taste the Mountains” is not just some superficial slogan dreamed up by the German Alpine Association. Rather, it underscores the excellent selection of products and homemade dishes on offer: soups, cakes, strudels, shredded pancake, salads, grilled chicken, a variety of dumplings or ploughman’s lunch!

Caesars Café, Alberschwende

What happens when a blind date turns out to be more than just good looks? You count your luck stars! First-time guests at Caesar’s are busy counting as they behold this magnificent “Gunz-style house” in the heart of Alberschwende with its magnificent sun terrace. Stopping in here on sunny days is an absolute must. And don’t forget your camera, because this is one blind date you won’t want to forget. Instead of relying on good looks alone, Brigitte and Caesar Greussing lovingly treat their café guests to homemade delicacies to die for. Serving salads, pasta, soups, tarte flambée and other snacks, they are well equipped for hungry guests. Sweet tooths beware: Those unable to resist sweet seductions will succumb to the very thought of freshly baked cakes and scoops of ice cream will make them weak in the knees!

The Wälderhof Hotel and Inn, Lingenau

On/off relationships can sometimes be complicated, but they seldom lack passion. Many connoisseurs were deeply heart broken when the à la carte menu at Barbara Wild’s Wälderhof hotel and inn was no longer available. But never fear, not all is lost: Bernhard Muxel’s cuisine is back and is no longer reserved for hotel guests alone! Every two weeks, his team (managed by new sous-chef Magdalena Bechter) conjurers up a new selection of exquisite dishes available from Wednesday to Sunday. Vegetable lasagne, fresh fish, Wälder-style Cordon Bleu, wild game specialties, mushroom strudel or foam soup are lovingly presented by the cordial service team. Dishes served are selected according to the season and never lack for creativity.

Alpengasthof Brüggele Mountain Inn, Alberschwende

Beautiful venue seeks loving owner: I am a traditional, rustic and cosy inn boasting a jaw-dropping location. My parlours offer space for many hungry guests and one even features a tiled stove! My large sun terrace is very popular with hikers, mountain bikers and day trippers who soak in the sunshine and the panoramic views… My good qualities: I am fond of children and animals, passionate about the well-being of my visitors and happy to host large groups no matter the occasion. I am also home to innkeeper Peter Oberhauser, whose Käsknöpfle are legendary. If you’d like to get to know me better, please arrange a personal meeting. I look forward to our first date!

The Schulhus Restaurant, Krumbach

The best dishes are prepared with love, a pinch of care, and a dash of romance. Considering just how good a well-prepared meal can make us feel, I’d say this is more than mere hyperbole. Nowhere is this more apparent than the Schulhus restaurant. Love is heavily involved in picking, collecting, harvesting and preparing the wonderful ingredients that are further refined into mouth-watering dishes by Gabi and Herbert Strahammer. There is no other way to explain the extraordinary taste of their exquisite mushrooms and fruit risotto, stuffed homemade pasta, white tomato mousse, vegetable foam soups or a fillet of fish fresh from Lake Constance. Topping it all off are Herbert’s wine list and recommendations, which are like a declaration of love to all wine lovers near and far. Hirtzberger, Knoll, Kollwentz, Proidl, Pichler, Altenburger, Krutzler are maturing to perfection in his cellar. The final missing ingredient is you!

Author: Markus Curin
Issue: Bregenzerwald Travel Magazine – Summer 2020