Walderlebnispfad Marul

The themed forest trail runs on two different circuits and is truly fascinating. Some highlights along both routes include a 300-year old elm tree, a labyrinth, a waterfall, and a barbecue site with hammocks. Other attractions such as a tree-top house, a gorge, or an organic dairy farm can be seen only on circuit two.

The forest trail is not just for walking, it also invites you to linger, play and dream, leave your worries behind, and set free your creativity; truly a feast for the senses!

Point of departure for both circuits: Marul (church)

Circuit 1: 3.4 km, 1.5 hours, 300m altitude gain
Circuit 2: 5.6 km, 2 1/4 hours, 450m altitude gain

It is essential that you bring along ankle-high boots with a grip sole.

Walderlebnispfad Marul 1 © Großes Walsertal Tourismus
Walderlebnispfad Marul 2 © Großes Walsertal Tourismus