Karhorn Klettersteig 2 © Alpinschule Schröcken


Climbing paths in the Bregenzerwald:

Wälder path
Rated difficulty C/D, with two tricky D sites. With some stamina and arm strength, you will be able fully enjoy the exposed walls.

Abendrot path
This extreme route presents the highest difficulty rating. Doing justice to the challenge, you first have to straddle the gap between the wall and a protruding rock. A good dose of arm strength is essential, since the challenge does not lessen and you will climb in an extremely exposed position. A true playground for professionals, a no-go for less practiced climbers.

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Abenteuerpark © Alpinschule Schröcekn

The Karhorn eastern ridge path runs from Wartherhorn col to the summit, alternating in difficulty between B and C. A perfect start if you have always wanted to test your climbing skills. From the summit, you descend via the standard route on the south flank down to the start. Advanced climbers may opt for the new Karhorn western ridge panorama path leading down.

From the summit, the newly developed path runs 600m in westerly direction. Climbing this airy and exposed ridge, you must have a head for heights and be sure-footed, as you will always move between rated difficulties of C and D. Professional climbing equipment and confident use of gear is essential for this section. You will be rewarded by ravishing views of the surrounding summits and valleys!

Climbing times:
Karhorn eastern ridge path:
from the access Wartherhornsattel approx. 2 hours to the summit
Karhorn western ridge panorama path: from the west access approx. 1.5 hours to the summit
East/west path combination: from the Wartherhornsattel access approx. 3.5 hours.

Access to the Karhorn eastern ridge path
Ride up on Steffisalp-Express-Bahn lift, after disembarking, keep left in the direction of Wartherhornsattel (ascent approx. 45 minutes)

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Climbing centres in the BregenzerwaldGallery slabs
Anyone wishing to improve their friction climbing technique can get in some practise here: the highly compact limestone requires you to stand on little ledges or sometimes on next to nothing – in this case, sheer physical effort is of little help.
Access: In Au, immediately after the gallery
Height of wall: 30 m

Climbing centre on the Weissenbach
A very special area for insiders. Although you can’t see it above the tunnel, climbing enthusiasts will find a Schratten limestone slab some 30 m high offering a choice of level 3 to 4 routes together with a wall featuring short but nice level 8 options.
Access: the entrance is located along the tunnel by-pass between Au and Schnepfau, and can only be reached on foot.

Exposed to the east, this former quarry features an array of rough structures within a confined area. Consequently, it also offers a wide variety of climbing routes. These are extremely well secured. Many routes offer nice and easy climbing experiences.
Access: Turn left after the bridge and head towards Schwarzenberg, keep on the road to arrive at the climbing centre next to the old Ach bridge.

Book tip: the Vorarlberg climbing guide by Achim Pascold, published by Panico Alpinverlag. Price: €19.80

Damüls high ropes forest centre
What climbers have to negotiate here are ropes which have been tied to trees between 2 and 10 metres above the ground as well as a series of obstacles. A new feature is the Flying Fox runway (about 200 m long). The course is suitable for climbers of all ages, irrespective of skill or experience.

Schröcken adventure park
For beginners and experts. Enjoy a superb climbing experience above water, in a forest or on a rocky slope. 30 rope courses, 2 rope slides, a practice via ferrata and one Flying Fox runway (150 m long).

High ropes centre with via ferrata
The Aqua high ropes centre near Andelsbuch-Bersbuch is located in a nature park set beautifully above the rugged Bregenzerache river and surrounded by rock walls. Various vie ferrate and high ropes elements. 5 main routes with different levels of difficulty.