Fishing grounds in Au
The fishing grounds in Au are the Bregenzerache river and the Argenbach brook. The boundaries are marked with a red cross or a notice board at the river bank.
The fishing water is in total 8,5 km long.

Fishing quota per day: 4 fish max.
Lenght of the fish: 27 cm/ 10 inch
Bait: Flies (dry and wet), streamers without nymph, crickets without weight. All other baits are not allowed!
Rates: Day pass € 46,00, for visitor staying in Au-Schoppernau € 43,00
Weekly pass (6 days) € 215,00
€ 10,00 caution
Season from 1st May - 15th September 2019
Ticket sale: Tourist office Au - Tel. +43(0)5515 2288

Fishing water in Schoppernau
The fishing water in Schoppernau is the Bregenzerache from the community boundary of Au (Confluence Dürrenbach) to the community boundary of Schröcken (Confluence Schadonabach). The territory borders are marked in red on the riverbanks.
The fishing water is in total 8,5 km long.

Fishing bait: Dry-fly, wet-fly, nymphs, streamer, spins or barbed hook, grasshopper,
Eurasian minnow and paste are allowed.
Fish length: At least 25 cm
Catch number: maximum of 3 per day
Price: € 55,00 per day
Season from 1st May - 30th September 2019
Ticket purchase: Tourist office in Schoppernau - Tel. +43(0)5515 2495

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