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FAQ Bregenzerwald

FAQ Bregenzerwald

FAQ Bregenzerwald

FAQ Bregenzerwald is a forum with a festival feel that also boasts culinary delights – it offers lectures and discussions at unusual locations, concerts in breath-taking places and extra-special culinary experiences.

Those who visit FAQ Bregenzerwald are sure to have a great time. Choose from programme items that invite visitors to lean back, enjoy and be amazed, and others that provide the opportunity to share, understand and join in discussions.

FAQ Bregenzerwald will be looking at frequently asked questions. Some of them have been with us for decades, but the answers are constantly changing. Other questions consider the future, and then there are more that are bang up-to-date. What all the questions have in common is their relevance for society, their effect on everyone – directly or indirectly, personally or professionally.

At FAQ Bregenzerwald, tradition, craft and business play a major role, but so do design, nature and cuisine. It develops and presents contexts showing how changes in one area can positively or negatively affect other areas.:


12 – 15 September 2024

A look back at FAQ 2019

FAQ 2019 – TAG 3: Fragenkette from on Vimeo.


FAQ Bregenzerwald, Kaufmann Zimmerei in Reuthe © Jana Sabo /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, Hotel Hirschen in Schwarzenberg © Ian Ehm /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, Baukulturelle Rundfahrt © Ian Ehm /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, dr' Deerofo in Bezau © Ian Ehm /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, Angelika Kauffmann Saal in Schwarzenberg © Jana Sabo /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, Rundgang in Schwarzenberg © Ian Ehm /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, Alte Säge in Bezau © Jana Sabo /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, Jöslar in Andelsbuch © Jana Sabo /
FAQ Bregenzerwald, Scalet Motorcycles in Andelsbuch © Jana Sabo /