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Kohler Joghurt

Kohler Joghurt

Kohler Joghurt

The Kohler family from Au have made it their business to process the milk from their own cows themselves on the farm. The product range includes natural yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, natural curd, fruit curd cream and various spreads. All of these products can be bought from the self-service fridge in the courtyard. We are looking forward to your visit.

Two gold medals, one silver and two bronze medals at this year’s Wieselburger “Kasermandl” confirm the high quality of the products. The success of the products is largely based on the family’s willingness to experiment. Although Martin used to work in the dairy, he mainly made mountain cheese there. The rest of the hay milk from the farm is delivered to the Rehmen dairy, which uses it to make mountain cheese.

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What’s on the menu? Food from the fields next door

What’s on the menu? Food from the fields next door

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