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Museum of Baroque Master Builders

Museum of Baroque Master Builders

Museum of Baroque Master Builders

Cultural heritage from the Baroque period.

In 1657 Michael Beer founded the Au Guild in Au in the Bregenzerwald. Its members designed and constructed about 800 Baroque buildings in Central Europe p to the 1780s. What led to the establishment of the Au Guild in this remote village? Who provided training for the planners and workers? How was the guild organised? How did the village change when the men were away on buildings sites for more than six months a year and the women had to look after themselves at home?

The Museum of Baroque Builders in  Au examines these questions.


Museum of Baroque Master Builders

Rehmen 39, Rehmen, Österreich

+43 (0)5515 25561 or 2288

Opening hours

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 14h00 à 18h00
Sunday: 10h00 - 17h00

Visites guidées dans le musée :
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 16h30
Sunday: 10h30

Admission adults: € 9,- € 2.00 reduction with the WinterCard Au-Schoppernau
Children up to 14 years free

See, you’d be amazed!

See, you’d be amazed!

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